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[1] my journal #3

when: 1:36 in an okay late night, nov 20 2019
what: okay feelings

why: i'm sitting on my desk as i write this. it has been a whole minute since i last visited this place. it's interesting to see i'm getting, on average, 2 unique visits a day. how are y'all finding this site? it's so hidden and obscure from everything

if you (whoever you are) are enjoying the things i'm posting, great! i'm not so heavily attached to this place but it's cool that there it's viewable.

as i write this, there has only been 18 art entries listed [also am editing the whole site as of mar 2 2020 so the statement before may be a lie). i may try to post more after this year-long brain fog

life as we know it will all slowly get sorted out. very gradual changes. i'm getting there day-by-day by growing to be more disciplined. slowly but surely

if you made it this far, click here! to whoever may stumble upon this, just wanted to say i am alive and hopefully will stay alive

fate: hanging on! feeling cold but will use a blanket for warmth and serenity